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Company Profile

Nico Industrial Services has developed from strength to strength since its inception in 1994. We distribute and represent manufacturers of electro-mechanical and passive components for the telecommunication industry, the computer industry and the hotel & consumer electronics industry.

Our product lines include:
  · LED
  · Quartz Crystal & Oscillator
  · Switch & Jack
  · Connector (Standard and Customized)
  · Cable & Cable Assembly (Standard & Customized)

To offer you these products, we work with reliable and reputable suppliers such as:
  · Allsun Corporation
  · Para Light Electronics Co., Ltd
  · Shoulders Electronics Ltd
  · Techwin Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd
  · Wealth Metal Factory Ltd
  · Y-S Electronics Co., Ltd

Our Strengths

Nico Industrial Services started off as a small operation that has grown into an organization with streamlined systems in place. We pride ourselves in our ability to
  · work consistently and closely with customers.
  · provide prompt delivery.
  · provide good quality components.
  · offer competitive prices.

Nico's strength lies in its team's strong technical knowledge of the products it represents and the thorough understanding of the many facets of manufacturing. To service our customers better we have moved to larger premises to house our bigger team, as well as to allocate more space for storage of critical items needed by customers. This is to allow us to work in partnership with customers under the Just-in-Time system.

Our geographical spread includes South-East Asia, North & South China and Japan. With contact points in these countries, we can support our customers at these locations more efficiently.

Our Motto
We believe that when we help you grow your business, we can grow with you. Thus our
company's motto is YOUR PARTNER IN GROWTH. We will translate our believes into reality by
  · understanding our customers first.
  · delivering a winning combination of product, service and solutions.
  · ensuring our reliability and accountability

Do give us a call, fax or email, if you are looking for prompt response and attention!
Nico Industrial Services